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  MEDRAD Envision CT® Injector

MEDRAD Envision CT® injector Complete system includes warmer, cables and operators manual, pedestal system. Manufactured 1999. Great shape.  Product Details...

  MEDRAD Mark V ProVis® Angio

MEDRAD Mark V ProVis® Angiographic Injector. Used. Available available in rack mount style or pedestal system. System includes color monitor, control panel, injector head with with choice 60 ml syringe or 150ml-200ml syringe, syringe heater, power cable  Product Details...

  MEDRAD Spectris Solaris®

MEDRAD Spectris Solaris® MR Injection System - Used. Approved for use in environments up to 1.5T.  Product Details...

  MEDRAD Spectris Solaris® EP

MEDRAD Spectris Solaris® EP MRI Injector. Approved for 3T magnets. Complete with color remote, head with pedestal, fiber optic cable, battery and charger system and power cable. Uses 65ml contrast syringes with a larger 115 ml saline syringe. Complete. In  Product Details...

  MEDRAD Spectris® MRI

MEDRAD Spectris® MRI Injector with saline flush. Complete system to include injector head and stand, remote console, control unit with battery charger, head control unit, infra-red optical transmitter/ receivers, flex cable bundle and power cord.  Product Details...

  MEDRAD Stellant® D Dual Head

MEDRAD Stellant® D Dual Head CT Injector is available with an overhead ceiling suspension or pedestal mount configuration. Saline flush capable. Uses 2 200ml syringes. Complete with head, color remote panel, control, interconnect cables, dual syringe heat  Product Details...

  MEDRAD Stellant® SX

MEDRAD Stellant® SX CT Injector - Used and complete with choice of head pedestal or overhead counterpoise system. Includes head, remote panel, control, mounting option, syringe heat maintainer, interconnect cables and power cable. Some units can be upgrad  Product Details...

  MEDRAD Vistron CT®

MEDRAD Vistron CT® Injector. Available with pedestal or overhead ceiling suspension. Single 200 ml injector head. Complete with control, head, mounting option, and remote monitoring device w/ start button.  Product Details...

  MEDRAD® Mark V Plus

MEDRAD® Mark V Plus, pedestal, used, angiography injector. Also available in rack mount model with choice of mounting options-overhead counterpoise system, head pedestal or table mount. Complete with remote, head, control, start switch, syringe warmer, po  Product Details...


MEDRAD® MCT/MCT Plus CT Injector System, Used. Complete system includes all cables, remote start switch and operators manual.   Product Details...

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