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  2002 Siemens Sonocur ESWT

2002 Siemens Sonocur ESWT Shockwave lithotripsy systems for sale and available now. This machine has been under service contracts and it has been tested and it is in great condition. The shock count for this system is under 1,000,000 shocks.  Product Details...

  2004 Siemens Sensation 10 CT

2004 Siemens Sensation 10 Slice CT Scanner Single Console Tube has 180,000 slices Software level VB 10B SP1 Syngo Care bolus Care Vision 3D  Product Details...

  2005 Siemens Symphony 1.5T Mobile

2005 Siemens Symphony 1.5T Sprint Mobile Numaris/ 4 Syngo MR A35 DHHS Coils: Head Array, Shoulder, Spine Array, Neck Array, Extremity, Body, L Flex, S Flex Active Shielding Gradient mTm: K2217/2000V380A/SR75 Slew Rate: 75 Phased Array, Perfusion,  Product Details...

  Siemens Novation DR Mammo System

2005 Siemens Novation DR Digital Mammography System Original tube Detector was replaced six months ago. Aquisition workstation, Physicians Review Workstation, R2 Checker CAD system, all paddles Located in the northeast   Product Details...

  WANTED Siemens 1.5T MRI

WANTED Siemens 1.5T MRI, including Siemens Magneton Symphony and Siemens Magneton Avanto MRIs. Please contact us if you are considering selling.  Product Details...

  WANTED Siemens Axiom Artis

I am curently look for these Cath Labs: Siemens Axiom Artis, GE INNOVA 3100, Philips FD20  Product Details...

  WANTED Siemens Espree MRI

I am currently looking for these MRs: Siemens Espree or Toshiba Vantage   Product Details...

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